Premier League Journal: What we learned From This Weekend


Liverpool Still a Concern at Set Pieces

Klopp’s Liverpool are a brilliant attacking side, but with defensive foibles that are seemingly irreparable. Klopp himself acknowledged said flaws on his recent appearance, particularly at set pieces, on Sky Sports’ Monday Night Football show last week. Liverpool’s back four may look well-accustomed and drilled, but stick them in a dead-ball scenario and they always seem prone to capitulation.

The frailties’ from Saturday took the form of uncertainty and organisational issues that they can’t seem to shake off; Swansea made just 1 pass in Liverpool’s box in the first half, Liverpool 13 in the same box, yet Swansea created the best chances of the game. Definitely more to work on for Klopp; despite coming through with a win, it could have been much worse for the league’s leading scorers.


Costa Continues to Gloss over Chelsea’s Issues

Antonio Conte’s Chelsea are yet to look anything like an Antonio Conte side so far this season, with their direction anything but clear at present. However, the love him or hate him Mourinho signing Diego Costa has managed to give his side five points through late goals this season. He didn’t have to wait so late this weekend however, providing what proved to be the killer goal in the 67th minute, a perfect example of how powerful and clinical the man is on his day.

Costa appears to be the one perfect-fit player for Conte, having got the best out of another South-American born striker Carlos Tevez at Juventus, with Costa now on six goals in seven matches.

Arsenal Prove they can Win Ugly

The winner may have sparked controversy, but Laurent Koscielny ensured that Arsene Wenger marked his 20th anniversary as Arsenal manager with a win with the last ‘act’ of the match at Turf Moor.

Burnley were resilient as ever on home soil, but all the work was for nothing as Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Koscielny managed to fumble the ball over the line, the former hitting a shot that smashed against the latter’s arm, whilst being in an offside position.

Arsenal dominated possession but created little, and although restricted Burnley to Sam Vokes-bound long balls, it was Vokes who inexplicably headed wide with a glorious opportunity in the first half. Both sides hit the woodwork, first it was Alexis Sanchez in the 73rd minute with a sublime volley that caught the post, then moments later it was Burnley’s turn, Michael Keane smashing the crossbar with a header. Arsenal were always progressing with each passing minute, albeit slowly, and although they found the net at the death, its three points that probably shouldn’t have been.


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